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Premier Set Menus for Parties of 20 or More

Large Party Reservations

Montreal Group Dining

Experience Group Dining at Ichigo Ichie, your ideal dining for large parties.


Reservations & Commitment: To arrange your group dining experience, please contact us by phone. A deposit of $10 per person is required to secure your reservation, which will be removed from your final bill.

Personalized Culinary Journeys: We tailor our culinary offerings to meet the diverse tastes and dietary needs of your large party reservations, ensuring a memorable experience.


Ichigo Classic - $40 per person

Delve into Japanese izakaya with our Ichigo Classic selection, an artful assortment of signature tapas that honor traditional flavors and stay true to the izakaya spirit.

Ichigo Premium—$50 per person

This premium selection showcases a larger selection of dishes, embodying the pinnacle of izakaya and our culinary craft. It promises an izakaya dining experience like no other.

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360 Rue Rachel E.
Montréal, QC.
H2W 1E9


TEL: (514) 282-0009