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Montreal's Best Japanese Restaurant: Ichigo Ichie Through the Lens of Experts

Insights and Highlights from Renowned Blogs and Media on Plateau’s Premier Japanese Izakaya

Yokato Yokabai is the Plateau’s New Ramen House

Eater Montreal announces the opening of Yokato Yokabai, a new ramen spot on the Plateau, introduced by Imadake's Kevin Fung. Despite its quiet social media presence, the restaurant, specializing in Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, is now open, enhancing the area's dining...

Web series mixes Montreal chefs, their restaurants and mental health

JP Karwacki reports on "Squawk & Gobble," a GOAL Initiatives Foundation web series that features Montreal chefs discussing their dishes and mental health. The series, which includes chefs from restaurants like Kamúy and Maison Publique, aims to raise mental health...

The Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Montreal

Eater Montreal lists best last-minute Valentine's Day dining options in Montreal, featuring a variety of restaurants like Le St-Urbain, Santa Barbara, and Ichigo Ichie, offering everything from local Quebec cuisine to Spanish tapas and Japanese izakaya dishes, ensuring memorable celebrations...

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Montreal: Our suggestions

Tastet's guide highlights top Japanese restaurants in Montreal, including Jun I, known for exquisite dining, Yokato Yokabai for authentic ramen, Ramen Misoya with international acclaim, and others like Kazu and Kinka Izakaya, offering diverse and high-quality Japanese cuisine. The article...

Incredible Izakayas: Montreal’s Best Beer- and Sake-Soaked Japanese Pubs

Tiffany Chan highlights Montreal's vibrant izakaya scene, featuring establishments like Kinoya and Ichigo Ichie, where patrons can indulge in an array of small Japanese plates, from fried chicken to octopus balls, all paired with beer and sake....

Ichigo Ichie: A lively “Izakaya” in the heart of the Plateau

Ichigo Ichie, a popular izakaya in Montreal, offers a unique dining experience featuring Japanese dishes with Quebec influences. The ambiance, created by designer Michel Prete, combines traditional and modern elements, emphasizing a festive yet relaxed atmosphere suitable for group celebrations....

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